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TF-IDF in WebSite Auditor
Algorithmic keyword research and on-page analysis in the age of semantic search
  • Laser-accurate optimization analysis (now based on TF-IDF)
  • Hundreds of topic-relevant keyword ideas
  • Extensive competitor keyword usage stats
  • Usage advice for every term

In 2017, search engines look for topical relevance in search results, as opposed to the presence of individual keywords. To help you do keyword research and on-page optimization in the age of semantic search, we're adding TF-IDF to WebSite Auditor today. With it, you'll find numerous topical keywords and phrases to use on your pages — terms that will improve your pages' topical relevance and make them rank better.

To start using TF-IDF, all you need to do is download WebSite Auditor (or, if you already have it, let it auto-update to the latest version upon launch) and jump right to the Content Analysis module.

What's TF-IDF?

TF-IDF (short for "term frequency — inverse document frequency") is used to to measure the importance of a given keyword on a page. Unlike keyword density, it doesn't just look at the number of times the term is used on the page; it also analyzes a larger set of pages and tries to determine how important this or that keyword is.

Say, in car repair, the term "tire repair" is likely more important than "turbocharged engine repair" — simply because every car has tires, and only a small number of cars have turbo engines. Because of that, the term "tire repair" is going to be used in a larger set of pages that speak about car repair. And this is exactly what the TF-IDF tool in WebSite Auditor will be able to catch! Looking at keyword usage stats of a large number of your competitors, the TF-IDF formula is going to show you:

1) Which keywords are the most important and relevant to your topic;

2) Which of them are used on your page properly (as much as search engines expect them to appear, since Google's known to use TF-IDF in indexing);

3) Which terms on your page are used too much or too little.

What's new?
TF-IDF Dashboard for Algorithmic Keyword Research

Under Content Analysis > TF-IDF, you'll find the full list of terms and phrases associated with your target keyword, based on your top-ranking competitors' content. Here, you'll also get usage recommendations for specific terms and see how your keyword usage compares to competitors' on the TF-IDF chart.

2 Smarter On-Page Analysis

TF-IDF is now also used to calculate optimization metrics under WebSite Auditor's Page Audit dashboard. Unlike the old-school metrics like keyword density, TF-IDF will accurately determine if there are keyword stuffing or under-optimization issues in your content or any given page element.

3 Better Optimization Advice

Under Content Analysis > Content Editor, your optimization and keyword usage advice is now also based off the terms' TF-IDF and the usage stats from the top-ranking competitors' pages. This makes for a more accurate recommendation than ever before, tailored to your pages and keywords.

How do you use TF-IDF in WebSite Auditor?
See how well your page is optimized.

With TF-IDF used to calculate content optimization factors, these metrics have become much more robust and reliable. Jump to Content Analysis > Page Audit and analyze how well your page is optimized for your target keywords.

Discover new topic-relevant keywords.
Go to the TF-IDF dashboard to discover the keywords and phrases that your top-ranking competitors are using — those are the terms that can improve your page's topic relevance and help it rank better. Switch between Single-word Keywords and Multi-word Keywords to look for both individual words and phrases. Look for the keywords with an Add recommendation — these are the terms most of your competitors are using, while you aren't.
Find the terms you need to use more of — or tone down on.

You may be surprised to find that you're overusing certain terms in your content, and not using enough of others. Still under the TF-IDF dashboard, look for the words and phrases with Use less or Use more recommendations to see how you can tweak your copy to improve relevance.

Make the changes!

Now that you know which terms you want to add, use more, or use less of, jump right to the Content Editor dashboard and make the necessary changes. When you're done, hit the Save button to save the optimized version of your HTML to your computer, ready for upload to your site.

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