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Use Rank Tracker to generate YouTube keyword ideas!
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Why you need a YouTube keyword tool

With over 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube videos deliver a massive worldwide audience that no business can afford to ignore. And since YouTube is built much like a search engine, you can use the right keywords and tags to take advantage of its ranking algorithms. Proper keyword optimization ensures that your great YouTube videos hit the relevant audience, getting more clicks and views exponentially, and become popular in no time!
There is no YouTube keyword tool of its own, so to this end, Rank Tracker offers a set of YouTube keyword research features that'll help you discover new keyword ideas, track the positions of your videos, and uncover keyword strategies of your competitors. Make your video go up in searches with our keyword tool for YouTube!
Use YouTube autocomplete suggestions
to discover new keyword ideas

YouTube keyword research works just like Google autocomplete: whenever you type certain keywords into the YouTube search bar, you get about a dozen autocomplete suggestions. These suggestions are based on popular queries, so you effectively get a list of the best long-tail keywords related to your topic.

The Rank Tracker keyword tool takes advantage of the YouTube autocomplete feature by allowing you to generate highly relevant autocomplete suggestions at scale. Basically, instead of going to the video platform and pulling only a dozen keyword suggestions at a time, you can use the Rank Tracker keyword tool for YouTube and pull hundreds of them at once. Just enter your seed keywords, any number of them, and get a list of the most popular YouTube video queries containing these keywords.

YouTube Autocomplete feature
Find keywords from competitor videos
Analyze competitor videos
and borrow their keywords with the YouTube keyword tool

For exploring popular topics and finding best ranked YouTube keywords, you should know where exactly to search on YouTube itself. Besides the autocomplete feature, there is also a related videos column to the right hand of the video. It's a source of inspiration for related keywords based on the topic, the channel, the viewer history and location. For finding ideas and the right keywords to work on, you can go to your researched channel's homepage and look through playlists and other featured channels. Don't miss a chance to analyze popular topics from the Trending videos that YouTube suggests in your niche.

An alternative way to find high-potential YouTube keywords is to analyze the top-performing videos of your competitors. Go to the Competitor Research module, enter a URL of any YouTube video. Wait a few moments, while the keyword tool makes you a list of keyword suggestions that the video already ranks for. The beauty of this YouTube keyword research method is that you find those video keywords that have already been tested by your competitors. The tool suggests popular keywords that have proven to be effective in attracting clicks and viewers. Simply borrow certain keyword ideas and use them to create video titles and descriptions that are slightly better optimized for search.

What is more, the keyword tool has advanced settings to make your keyword research localized and specialized by user agents, either desktop or mobile. This ensures that your searched keywords target specific audiences in the right place, so that the optimized videos will gain more clicks much quicker.

Add YouTube as a search engine to track

Use filters in the Keyword Tool to find high-potential video keywords
YouTube does not disclose its keyword statistics, so there is no sure way to know how effective a keyword is. Luckily, Rank Tracker collects keyword statistics from a number of other search engines, and those statistics could be used to guesstimate keyword performance on YouTube. Rank Tracker offers such keyword data as search volume, expected visits, competition, difficulty, and advertising costs, among others. You can use highly customizable filters on your searched keywords to get rid of those queries that have low search volumes and high competition, and you'll be left with a list of actionable YouTube keyword ideas.
Find prospective keywords with Keyword Research
Optimize your YouTube video and see the traffic grow

Producing a good video takes time and effort, that's why YouTube SEO is absolutely necessary to make the most of it in YouTube searches. Once you've completed the thorough YouTube keyword research, you will probably have dozens of profitable keyword terms for video optimization. Add relevant keywords to titles, descriptions and tags, and your movies are more likely to appear among YouTube search suggestions of your target audience.

Check out your channel's Analytics > Reach and track whether your optimization has made a positive impact on the channel’s impressions and clicks. In the Analytics > Traffic source > YouTube search, you will see your best-performing keywords on YouTube.

Track your video's positions on YouTube
Track ranking positions
for selected video keywords

In Rank Tracker, create a project for your YouTube channel and/or for any of your videos, and see how well they rank for your selection of keywords. The advantage of Rank Tracker is that you can keep track of your video's position on YouTube, as well as in other search engines. And if you choose to monitor your positions in Google, you'll be able to see whether your videos appear in featured video snippets — the coveted position zero of search results. Rank Tracker keyword tool also keeps the video's ranking history, so you'll be able to see your progress over time as well as investigate recent position shifts for your channel keywords.

Rank Checker is a comprehensive keyword tool for YouTube:

  • YouTube autocomplete suggestions
  • Keyword analysis of ranking videos
  • Checking competitors' YouTube rankings
  • Project report customization
Here's what our users say about Rank Tracker:
I've been using Rank Tracker for 4 years now. I started by downloading the free version of the software and fell in love with this keyword tool ever since. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's one of the best free keyword tools I've ever used. I also like that it's integrated with Google Search Console, Keyword Planner, YouTube Autocomplete, and various keyword suggestion tools. I also love that now I can keep all my keyword ideas in Keyword Sandbox without fear of losing them. What's more, Rank Tracker's ability to check rankings for different locations makes it a perfect local keyword tool. And of course, the variety of search engines to check rankings in is just awesome.
Marcus Wilson,
of Blue Media
I guess every website owner or SEO knows the pain of trying to find a perfect keyword tool. I must say that I've used SO many free keyword tools and none of them satisfied all my requirements until I came across Rank Tracker. Firstly, it combines more than 20 keyword research tools (from Google search suggestions to Competition TF-IDF Explorer), so I'm always sure that no keyword can ever slip away from my sight. Secondly, Rank Tracker supports all Google domains, languages and countries. It's an extremely accurate keyword research tool that provides you with precise search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data — in other words, all parameters you need to pick the best-performing keywords ever.
Peter Perez,
SEO specialist,
webmaster at Grey Stone
Hijack YouTube algorithm using top-performing keywords!
Download a free copy of Rank Tracker and give it an unlimited number of tries.


Why is keyword research important for a YouTube channel?

You might not think about it this way, but YouTube is a search engine in its own right. Optimizing your content for the keywords that match popular YouTube search queries is essential for getting views. Help users find your YouTube video by putting proper keywords in its title, description, and hashtags.

How to find keywords for YouTube videos?

Enter your seed keywords and Rank Tracker keyword generator will look through YouTube autocomplete suggestions to find other relevant keywords.

How to see which YouTube keywords are the most popular?

While YouTube does not disclose keyword statistics, Rank Tracker sources search volume data from other search engines and you can use it to make a pretty good estimate of how popular a keyword is.

Do I have to pay to use the YouTube keyword tool?

No, the YouTube keyword tool is completely free during the trial period. Once the trial period is over, you will still have free access to most of the features, although reporting and storage features will be limited.